mediaXplore was established in 2003 under the company name jm media. The 21st of March 2011 we changed our name to mediaXplore, and our main areas are advanced, intelligent information systems, production of websites, development projects and sale of ads.

Information Systems
An information system is not just an information system. With our integrated solutions, it is possible to get important information out to customers, employees, users, or who you wish to target, while we can integrate with almost all other systems. This means that data only needs to be maintained in on system, and that the information system is constantly updated.

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We have specialized in web design and coding and perform both small and simple Web pages and large and demanding sites with database and integration with other systems.

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Development projects
We can code in the most common markup language.

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We handle ad sales on the information systems on BornholmerFærgen, SamsøFærgen, Mols-Linien, Ærøfærgerne, Bornholm Airport, Esbjerg Airport, Sønderborg Airport and Bornholms Velkomstcenter.

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