Information Systems

Information Systems

Get your messages through with Digital Information Systems
Information Systems are second to none when you want to spread a specific message - if you know your target group, and the message is relevant to your target group.

In shops and shopping centres
mediaXplore has developed a digital Information System. This intelligent system handles advertisements and other types of information; an ideal medium for shops and shopping centres where the greater part of announcements to customers are advertisements.

In airports and on board ferries
mediaXplore has also developed supplementary modules for airports and ferries where passengers have particular needs for instant, precise updates.

All modules can be integrated, and the system is designed to handle other relevant information too, such as weather forecasts, traffic reports and news.

With the mediaXplore Information System you can:
- integrate and display various data, either simultaneously on the same screen or on different screens
- import and display data from other systems via XML
- transmit special messages, e.g. in the case of bad weather
- display directly entered rolling text messages at the bottom of the screen

Click on the items in the menu to the left for more information on the individual modules.


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